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${h.IsSuccess?"check_circle":"close"} ${h.Filename} ${h.Datetime}

Welcome to OpenSirene UI

This UI aims to provide a simple UI to query the OpenSirene API. Simply enter a Siren or Siret in the field and hit enter or click on the button to query the API.

The siren is an identifer for an enterprise, an organism or an association. It contains 9 number, for example, 552100554 is the siren of Peugeot SA.

The siret is an identifer for the establishments of an enterprise, organism or association. It contains 14 numbers, and is composed of the siren of the enterprise plus an unique identifier for the establishment (called NIC).




Siret : ${e.siret}
Siren : ${e.siren}
NIC : ${e.nic}
Activity : ${e.libapen} (${e.apen700})
Staff : ${e.libtefet} (${e.tefet})
Juridic Nature : ${e.libnj} (${e.nj})
Creation date : ${ e.dcret.split('T')[0] }


${e.l4_declaree} ${e.l5_declaree}
${e.l6_declaree} ${e.l7_declaree}